Grease trap repairs & maintenance

Our grease trap maintenance can help to keep your grease trap working 24 hours a day every day. Grease trap waste build up can affect its performance, a clean grease trap is a happy grease trap. Grease Guru’s ongoing maintenance can help to avoid the need for a costly grease trap repair service.

Is your grease trap in need of a bit of TLC? Our grease trap repairs and cleaning services can help to get your commercial kitchen back up to speed. A clean and fully functional grease trap has an essential role to play in any commercial kitchen.

Contact one of the Grease Guru grease trap repairs team and see how we can help you.

Advice & Consultation.

We can work with you to find the right equipment, location and accessibility to suit your requirements, either as retrofit or as part of a new development.


Our operatives are experienced and qualified to install & repair Grease Guru and third party grease traps and grease management systems, cleanly and efficiently.

Service & Maintenance

Our ongoing grease trap servicing & maintenance will keep your grease trap running efficiently and effectively, helping to avoid any costly one off repair service charges.

Collection & Disposal

We can collect and environmentally dispose of your fat, oil and grease on a regular basis as part of our ongoing grease maintenance & management services.

Client Training

Being an industry leader in grease management, we can train your staff in all aspects of grease management to ensure in-house efficiency and full compliance with the law.

Fully Accredited & Insured

The company is CHAS, CSCS and Safe Contractor accredited. All our management and employees are accustomed to dealing with customers and intermediaries at all levels.

Total Grease Management

From the UK’s leading Grease Management Company

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