Grease Recovery Units

    A grease recovery unit (GRU) is a highly effective, automated waste disposal system for controlling the unwanted build-up of grease and fat at source. This is typically installed under the sink and unlike a conventional grease trap works by skimming the grease mechanically from the tank that contains the waste water. The grease is automatically discharged into a grease removal unit for safe disposal.

    The stainless steel GG-102 range of Grease Recovery Units includes a specification and capacity to suit all commercial kitchen requirements. The installation of these recovery units requires specialist skill set that Grease Guru has a wealth of experience in the field.

  • We can assess your specific requirements and advise on the optimum solution.
  • We can recommend on the ideal Grease Recovery Unit model, sitting and access criteria.
  • We can provide a complete installation & grease management service at a time to suit you.
  • After sales service, including collection and disposal of food waste & grease 4 times a year.

Contact our team to see how a we can help you control your fats oils and grease.

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